About Prairie Pothole

What is Prairie Pothole?

Prairie Pothole Music Festival is an independent, grass-roots festival on the grassy plains of north-central North Dakota. Named for the way the geography includes ponds, or “prairie potholes” throughout the region, Prairie Pothole Music Festival is now entering its third year.

Maybe it’s our very own swimming hole – Little Antelope Lake – but people have sure been good to us and we’d love to continue repaying that favor by having more bands, and more fun stuff to do, every year.

Our Start

Our festival experience started with smaller events our organizers threw for friends and family, and naturally grew as they combined elements they experienced at varied festivals they and their friends all liked to attend: the former 10,000 Lakes Festival, Summer Camp Music Festival, Shangri-La, and more. We love music, and the festival atmosphere. As more and more musical acts started to appear throughout the region in the last few years, Prairie Pothole was a good way to showcase them all in one spot.

Our Experience

This will be the third official year of the Prairie Pothole Music Festival, but organizers have been doing in smaller ways throughout the central region since about 2009. From our first year with just about 100 people camping and checking out four acts, we’ve been fortunate enough to see massive growth – both in the number of acts and in the number of friends (old and new) who are planning on coming this year. With 30 musical acts planned and plenty of spots to camp, the sky is the limit for our concert goers and campers!

Our Philosophy

We love the big festivals, but sometimes those big events can feel too corporate. As in, you can have the feeling that everything has been focus-grouped to death.

Granted, with huge festivals you get huge, nationwide touring acts. We’d love to continue growing and see some of our favorite bands come down to the Pothole someday. But, we’re in touch with who we are and want to be in touch with the musicians in our state – and those who are coming through on tour.

We’re more than happy to be a springboard for local and regional acts – as well as being a stage for acts that are coming in from other regions. It helps us keep a kind of “Everyone’s part of the family” feel to the event, which keeps things really inclusive.

We want everyone to be safe, we want everyone to have fun, and we want everyone who comes out to create the kind of memory that makes them want to come back and make more. We hope that bringing people from all over the state (and beyond) will give folks the chance to maybe see a band that might not yet have had the chance to make it to their town. Spread the music, spread the love!